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Why studying abroad ✈️ on a scholarship is best for your future?

Many students find that studying abroad on a fully funded scholarship has a big effect on their growth as people and as citizens of the world. Studying abroad is one of the best ways to gain new experiences, learn useful skills, and open doors to new career and life opportunities.

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Countries like US and the UK offer hundreds of scholarships to international students. Discover your dream to study abroad on scholarship.

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Study in Australia
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Study in Canada
Study in the United States of America on a scholarship
Study in the United States of America (USA)

🤓Scholarship FAQs, just for you!

We have answered some common questions to help you understand the world of scholarships!

Do I have to pay for scholarship?

Generally, no. There is no obligation to repay scholarship grants. Scholarship holders are not required to repay their grants because you are exchanging your unique knowledge, talents, and experience with the sponsoring institution. However, if you’re studying on a student loan, you are likely to pay for it.

How to apply for a scholarship?

Read our scholarship instructions carefully to understand eligibility criteria and fill out scholarship application (online). Gather the documentations such as reference letters, educational documents and motivation letter. Apply online or in-person as required and wait for a decision. Don’t forget to contact the organisation (university/college or scholarship committee) for any questions or confusion!

What does a scholarship cover?

An award from a scholarship fund could cover anything from the whole cost of tuition to a certain amount of money each month to help offset the expense of living while in school.

Who offers a scholarship?

University and other educational institutions offer several international and domestic scholarship opportunities to deserving and talented students. The government and private businesses also offer local and global fundings to students.

Can I spend my scholarship money on shopping?

The purpose of a scholarship fund is to pay for your educational expenses. Whatever the total amount of scholarship money you get, each scholarship will specify how it must be spent. You can spend scholarship money on nearly anything, but it’s not a good idea to spend money on shopping, games, or tickets.

Could I possibly lose my scholarship?

Scholarships typically come with conditions, such as maintaining a certain grade point average (GPA) or, as was noted previously, paying for specific things to ensure the money is put toward your education. If you use your scholarship money for something that is forbidden by the terms of the award or if you do not honor or meet any of the other requirements, you may be required to reimburse the money.

What is Scholarships Root?

Scholarships Root or ScholarshipsRoot.com (formerly CSM Scholarships) assists you in locating global scholarships and internship programs (as well as study guides and tips!). Then, we make the most complicated information easier to understand so you can apply without hesitation. We do this by explaining eligibility rules, funding details, college or university backgrounds, and how to apply.

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