Chalhoub Latest Undergraduate & Masters Scholarship, France, 2022

In France, pursue your studies. There’s good news! Chalhoub Scholarships are now open.

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We will go through the details of this scholarship, its benefits, and the application process step by step in this article. International students can apply for the Chalhoub Scholarship 2022, which is a fully funded scholarship. This scholarship is available to studies pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees. This scholarship is worth 12 300 euros each year.

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    SciencesPo is an international research university that is both selective and open to the rest of the world, with a reputation for being one of the best in the humanities and social sciences.

    Students who intend to study at SciencesPo at the undergraduate level in Menton, Southern France, or at the graduate level in Paris can apply for the Chalhoub scholarship.

    Chalhoub scholarships are awarded by selection committees made up of representatives from academic programmes, SciencesPo’s strategy and development department, and the international affairs division, who oversee the management of SciencesPo’s academic and merit-based scholarships.

    About Science Po University

    The Paris Institute of Political Studies, also known as Sciences Po Paris or just Sciences Po, is a prestigious institution with campuses in Paris and other French cities.

    How much is tuition at Sciences Po? | Sciences Po

    It comes from Émile Boutmy’s “École libre des sciences politiques,” a private institution founded in Paris in 1872. Boutmy wanted to modernise the education of France’s political leaders by teaching contemporary history rather than classical studies, which they would study at the same time in universities. It has played a significant part in the French public service system, and many members of the French public service have studied at the school in addition to their major studies at universities. After criticism of its staff’s attitude during WWII and requests for its closure, the school was re-founded in 1945 as a semi-public “institute.”

    Sciences Po has been substantially reformed since the mid-1990s, under the semi-formal leadership of Olivier Duhamel, to broaden its focus and prepare students for the private sector as well, to diversify and internationalise its student body and curriculum, and thus to welcome students as their primary higher education institution. Even though political science and history remain the core taught disciplines, the Sciences Po curriculum currently includes courses in additional social sciences as as sociology, economics, and law. Sciences Po has also established campuses in Dijon, Le Havre, Menton, Nancy, Poitiers, and Reims, in addition to Paris. Several scandals rocked the institute at that time, culminating in a crisis in 2021.

    Scholarship Summary

    • Level of Study: Undergraduate, Masters
    • Institution(s): Science Po University
    • Study in: France
    • Courses Offered: The scholarships are open to study the undergraduate and Masters degree in any subject offered by Science Po University.
    • Program Period: 3 years for undergraduate, 2 years for masters
    • Deadline: 15 February, 2022 (Undergraduate), November, 2022 (Masters)

    Scholarship Coverage

    Chalhoub Scholarships provide the recipient with the following benefits:

    • Both Undergraduate and Master successful students will receive a scholarship amounting to 12 300€ per year for the duration of their 3-years undergraduate studies programme (covering full tuition and some living expenses) and for the duration of the 2-years Masters programme (covering partial tuition) in the event that the student continues his or her studies at Sciences Po at the Masters level.

    Eligibility Criteria for Chalhoub Scholarships

    To be eligible for Chalhoub Scholarships, applicants must meet the following criteria:

    • Required Languages: English
    • Eligible Countries: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Koweit, Bahrein, Lebanon, Syria, Qatar, Egypt, Yemen, Jordan, Oman, Iran, Iraq.
    • Candidates must be accepted to Sciences Po’s undergraduate studies programme (Menton campus) or to one of Sciences Po’s Masters programmes.

    How to apply for Chalhoub Scholarships?

    Please follow below steps to avail Chalhoub Scholarships at Science Po University France:

    1. Create an account from here.
    2. Choose your programme:
      • Check the list of Master’s and dual degree programmes from here.
      • Undergraduate programmes from here.
    3. Complete your application:
      • Request an academic reference
      • Upload the required documents.
    4. Note: All official documents in foreign languages must be translated into French by a certified translator.
    5. This is the final step! Once you have filled out all the information fields in your application and have uploaded all the required documents, you must submit your online application. You may subsequently be requested by the Admissions Office to add or replace some of the attached documents in the event of illegible or insufficient information.
    6. No other application specific to the Chalhoub scholarship needs to be made.

    Apply Now

    To know more about Chalhoub Scholarships, please visit Official Website.