Eiffel Government Scholarships, France 2023

The Eiffel Excellence Scholarships 2023 are currently accepting applications. The French government is encouraging international students to complete their master’s or doctoral degrees in France.

Eiffel Excellence Scholarships, France’s government offers scholarships to students from all around the world. France is offering fully funded postgraduate scholarships for international students. Thanks to Campus France, brilliant students from across the world have the chance to study in France at no cost at all.

Eiffel Government Scholarships
Eiffel Government Scholarships

French government-funded Eiffel Excellence Scholarships are available to students from outside France. Briefly, this is restricted to students studying abroad. The educational governing board has worked together to establish this worldwide Eiffel scholarship in France.

Latest Scholarships:

    This would allow the French educational institution to work with other educational bodies to keep French higher education at its current high standard and distinctive character. Students will act as ambassadors for French excellence in education and training across the world. Students are strongly urged to acquire the knowledge and abilities that will enable them to thrive in today’s interconnected world.

    Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program in France
    Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program in France

    Furthermore, kids are extremely motivated in this setting, where they may develop and practise problem-solving abilities and consider alternative approaches to everyday difficulties. In doing so, they improve their cognitive abilities. They are able to use the SWOT analysis approach to any problem. the positives and negatives of a problem or a business.

    To encourage international students to study in France, the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs created the Eiffel Excellence Scholarships Program. Eiffel Excellence Scholarships opportunity is open to students of all nationalities from all parts of the world. Top International Student Grants and Awards in France.

    Eiffel Government Scholarship France
    Eiffel Government Scholarship France

    Eiffel Excellence Scholarships Description:

    • Provided by: French Government
    • Degree level: Master’s, PhD
    • Scholarship coverage: Fully Funded
    • Eligibility nationality: international
    • Award country: Paris, France
    • Last Date: 10 January 2023.

    Financial Benefits

    French Government Eiffel Excellence Scholarships is a Free Scholarship in France & a Fully Funded Scholarships for students which will cover all necessary expenses. Detail is given below:

    For Masters Degree:

    • A Monthly Allowance of €1,081 For Living Expenses.
    • One International Return Round Airfare Tickets From Your Home Country to France.
    • Cultural Activities.
    • Housing Allowance.

    For Doctoral Degree:

    • A Monthly Allowance of €1,700 For Living Expenses & Monthly Stipend too.
    • One International Return Round Airfare Tickets From Your Home Country to France.
    • Cultural Activities.
    • Housing Allowance.

    List of Available Study Fields:

    Students can select any study area from given below academic fields and majors to undertake Masters Degree or PhD Degree:

    For Science and Technology:

    • Biology and Health
    • Ecological Transition
    • Mathematics and Digital
    • Engineering Sciences

    For Humanities and Social Sciences:

    • History, French language and civilization
    • Law and political science
    • Economics and management

    Duration of the Scholarship:

    • Maximum of 12 Months for Master M1 Level
    • Maximum of 24 Months for Master M2 Level
    • Maximum of 36 Months for PhD.

    Eligibility Criteria for Eiffel Government Scholarship:

    • Only Foreign Nationals are eligible to apply for an Eiffel Scholarships For International Students from the French Government.
    • Up to 25 Years, age is required for a Master’s Degree.
    • Up to 30 Years old for PhD Degree.
    • In Many Universities, you can get admission without IELTS & TOEFL

    Application Deadline:

    The last date to apply for International Eiffel French Government Scholarships 2023-2024 is 10th January 2023. The result will be announced on 3rd April 2023.

    How to apply for Eiffel Excellence Scholarships?

    To apply for Eiffel Excellence Scholarships by French Government you need to follow the instructions given below. The Official link of the Eiffel French Government Scholarship is given below:

    First Step:

    1. Contact Campus France in your country of origin or the French Embassy’s Cooperation and Cultural Action Department, who can guide you and advise you on your study plans.
    2. To learn about the procedures and deadlines for submitting an application, contact the international relations department of a French institution via its website, by e-mail or by telephone.
    3. It’s up to you to choose the school or university that best fits your plans for studying in France.
    4. All French higher education institutions can submit applications.

    Second Step:

    1. The institution accepts and supports your application for the Eiffel scholarship
    2. The institution submits your application online via the dedicated Campus France website
    3. Applications sent directly by students or by foreign institutions will be declared ineligible.


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