FedUni Latest Scholarships, Australia 2023

Federation University (FedUni) Scholarships, Australia. Students who are interested in studying undergraduate, honours, or postgraduate degrees in any of the areas the university provides are eligible for the Deadly Accommodation Scholarships from the Federation University (FedUni) Australia.

The range of funding is $2,500 to $3,500 and there is no mention of how many prizes will be granted. Australian citizens who are enrolled in an approved course at Federation University (FedUni) qualify as eligible students. For postgraduate courses, there are no country restrictions and internet access is the manner of entry.

Federation University
Federation University (FedUni)

The Deadly Relocation/Accommodation Costs Scholarship (ICACS) is a professional development opportunity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who need to relocate from regional and remote areas to study.

Latest Scholarships:

    The scholarship provides funding for relocation and accommodation costs, which can be a significant barrier to accessing higher education. By removing this cost, the scholarship enables more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to undertake university studies and develop their skills.

    Federation University Australia
    Federation University (FedUni) Australia

    Why attend Federation University (FedUni) for education?

    Within the top 20 percent of Australian universities is Federation University (FedUni). By enrolling fewer students in a single class so they may get one-on-one help, it facilitates personalised learning in a nurturing setting. The Federation is renowned for providing the highest level of education available in Australia and has a strong commitment to improve lives and communities.

    More About Federation University (FedUni)

    Located in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, Federation Institution Australia (Fed Uni) is a public, multi-sector university. The university also offers online technical and further education (TAFE) programmes, Horsham’s Higher Education Nursing programme, campuses in Ararat, Horsham, Stawell, Churchill, Berwick, and Brisbane.

    The Victorian Gold Rush saw the founding of Federation University (FedUni)precursor institutions in 1870, making it the fourth-oldest post secondary institution in Australia. The university’s name was changed to Federation University (FedUni) in 2014 as a result of the 2013 merger of the University of Ballarat and Monash University Gippsland campus.

    Federation University Aust
    Federation University (FedUni) Australia

    For teaching excellence, learner engagement, learning resources, skill development, and student assistance, FedUni was recognised in the top 20 percent of Australian universities in the humanities in 2017. The university is ranked 31 nationally in Australia and 1526 globally.

    Former students give the university a satisfaction rating for postgraduate research that is 78.8 percent higher than the national average. With an 83.3 percent satisfaction rating for undergraduate courses, the university is rated higher than the national average by former students.

    Federation University (FedUni) Scholarship Description

    • Organization: Federation University (FedUni)
    • Department: NA
    • Award Amount: $3,500
    • Number of Awards: NA
    • Eligible Countries: Australia
    • Access Mode: Online
    • Nationality: Domestic
    • Subjects: All subjects
    • Eligible CoursesUndergraduate, Honours, / Post-Graduate
    • Eligibility: Students can apply for a Bachelor’s and Masters Degree offered by the Federation University (FedUni).
    • Application Deadline: 20th December 2022.

    Eligibility Criteria

    • Domestic student
    • Be an Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander person.
    • Provide evidence of low socio-economic status or financial hardship(documents such as Centrelink statements, payslips. Bank statements can be used if an explanation is provided in a personal statement)
    • Enrolled in an Undergraduate, Honours or Post-graduate course at? Federation University (FedUni)
    • Provide either a Confirmation of Aboriginality or a statutory declaration.
    • Travel for study would be more than 90 minutes.

    How to Apply

    To be eligible for the scholarship, students must be active and enrolled post-census date. You must consider this in your application if payment is required before the census due to financial hardship. However, if you withdraw from your studies, you may be requested to repay all or part of the scholarship. Students who defer their offer or take a leave of absence will forfeit their award.


    • The student will receive $3,500 in the first year after the first census date and $2,500 each semester after.
    • The grant is available for up to 8 payments.

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