IST Postdoctoral Fellowships, Austria 2023

Applications for the Austrian IST Postdoctoral Fellowship Program 2023 are encouraged. The IST Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme 2023 is open to all international students from anywhere in the world.

The IST-BRIDGE International Postdoctoral Program 2023 is a fantastic opportunity for applicants with strong academic credentials who desire to continue their education in a global research setting. Under the terms of this Fully Funded Scholarship.

Institute of Science and Technology Austria
Institute of Science and Technology Austria

The students collaborate and study in the field of science with their worldwide peers and mentors. This demonstrates that students with good qualifications will operate in a fantastic and well-liked atmosphere in the domains of computer science, natural science, and mathematics.

Latest Scholarships:

    The IST scholarship programme essentially has two pillars: first, it provides opportunities to researchers who are experts in their fields, and second, it helps postdocs develop their postdoctoral degrees into a profession. All research proposals offered here are gratefully accepted.

    Institute of Science and Technology Austria
    Institute of Science and Technology Austria

    It is simple to locate the supervisors in relevant fields here. Another host to take care of is also mentioned here if the topic matter is multidisciplinary. At least 90 research groups at this institute will have insights into the 51 key research groups until 2026.

    IST The Postdoctoral Fellowship Program in Austria provides students with the finest opportunity to advance their careers and utilise their potential skills throughout the course of their studies. Additionally, it encourages PhD students to collaborate with people from many cultural backgrounds and to develop their talents via this.

    Additionally, it encourages PHD students to adapt to various cultural realities by engaging with overseas students. It offers the highest calibre of instruction, which is highly beneficial to students in both their personal and professional lives.

    Institute of Science and Technology, Austria - ISTA
    Institute of Science and Technology, Austria – ISTA

    IST Postdoctoral Fellowship Description:

    • University: Institute of Science and Technology, Austria
    • Degree level: Postdoctoral
    • Scholarship coverage: Fully Funded
    • Eligible nationality: International
    • Award country: Austria
    • Last Date: 5 November 2022

    Financial benefits:

    IST Postdoctoral Fellowship Program 2023 in Austria is a Full Free Fellowship program for International Students. Details of the covered expenses is given below:

    • This scholarship is for multiple cultural students for all over the world.
    • This scholarship is fully funded and bear all expenses during study duration which is 2 years.
    • It gives students 4 tracks to compete their goals.
    • This IST scholarship provides students BRIDGE placements and secondments if possible.
    • It also provides the best excellency title in the research field like “Marie Sklodowska-curie”.

    Available Degree programs:

    • Computer science
    • Natural science
    • Mathematics

    Documents Required:

    • Research proposal of having at least 5 pages.
    • Recommendation letter.
    • A table of complete ethical issues.

    Eligibility Criteria:

    Applicants have to meet the following criteria to apply for IST Postdoctoral Fellowship Program 2023 Online:

    • A student can apply in any research field of his/her interest.
    • Till the last date applicant must be completed PHD degree in any field before apply in IST.
    • There should be 4year research experience to apply for this scholarship.
    • Applicants need to complete their degrees of PHD before applying in the IST for scholarship.
    • Those applicants who will not provide the proof of diploma in the form of copy are not eligible to apply.
    • Applicant should not from local area like Austria.
    • Applicant must not be involved in any other activity in Austria before applying in IST scholarship.
    • Applicant must complete research work before call deadline after that he/she will not eligible.

    Application Deadline:

    The last date to apply for this IST Postdoctoral Fellowship Program in Austria for International Aspirants is 5th November 2022.

    How to Apply for IST Postdoctoral Fellowship Program?

    • There will only be online apply for IST Postdoctoral Fellowship Program.
    • The candidate will receive an email from IST for further details and related information.
    • Applicant must be provide all personal details correctly which are name, address, date of birth etc.
    • Applicant should provide the all previous 5 year history before the call deadline.
    • Applicant should complete all the required field of information of PhD program.
    • If applicant have other additional courses or study programs then must be mention in it because it is a positive point for his/her in further.
    • All data should be current which applicant will provide either it is professional or academic related.
    • Applicant have to choose supervisor by itself and if needed can choose another secondary supervisor.
    • For successful apply applicant must provide a title project of 100 character or another way submit a summary having 300 words.
    • The applicant could choice 2 top choices for planning and this would not affect his/her evaluation process.
    • Provide all details carefully and submit it.