La Roche University Scholarships, USA 2022-23

Continue your studies in the United States. There’s good news! The La Roche University Scholarship application period is currently open.

We will go through the details of this scholarship, its perks, and the application process step by step in this article.

La Roche University

International students can apply for the La Roche University Scholarship 2022-2023, which is a partially funded undergraduate scholarship. Two $17,000 annual renewable scholarships are available through this scholarship.

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    International students can enrol in a range of programmes at La Roche University. For each, there are distinct criteria and applications. Please read through the list below and select the programme that best meets your needs.

    La Roche University will provide two $17,000 annual renewable scholarships to international undergraduate students who are committed to improving intercultural learning and understanding at the university.

    Because we have an 11:1 student-to-faculty ratio, you won’t get lost in a lecture hall with hundreds of other students.

    Your major will have a faculty adviser who will know your name and assist you in planning your course of study during your time at La Roche.

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    The cost of a La Roche education remains substantially below the national average for private universities in the United States, with a long-term return on investment. A good education can be obtained at a reasonable cost.

    La Roche University offers a variety of awards to full-time international undergraduate students. These awards are renewable each year and range in value from $10,000 to $17,000 every academic year. When an application is accepted, it is automatically reviewed for an academic scholarship.

    Interesting Facts About La Roche University

    The Sisters of Divine Providence founded La Roche University in 1963 as a private college for religious sisters. Stephanie Amelia la Roche von Starkenfels, the first Mother Superior of the Sisters of Divine Providence, was honoured with the name.

    Sister Annunciata Sohl, C.D.P., was the university’s first president, serving until 1968. By 1965, the college had begun to accept its first lay students. It continued to develop, and two years later, La Roche built the first facility, the John J. Wright Library, beyond its rented space.

    Soon after its founding, La Roche ran into financial troubles. Despite plans to close the college, Sister de la Salle Mahler, C.D.P., president from 1969 to 1975, kept it open. In 1970, the Board changed its charter to make La Roche a self-contained, coeducational Catholic institution, while also expanding academic offerings through a partnership with the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

    Several new areas of study, such as graphic and interior design, were available as a result of this relationship, and are now among the university’s finest programmes.

    In the mid-1970s, an increase in enrolment necessitated the construction of two new residence halls. The college launched its first capital campaign in 1979, led by College President Sister Mary Joan Coultas, C.D.P. (1975–80), and raised enough money to construct the Palumbo Science Center, which opened in 1980.

    The college grew during Divine Providence Sister Margaret Huber’s eleven-year president, which began in 1981 and ended in 1987, when the $2.5 million Zappala College Center was dedicated to commemorate the college’s 25th anniversary. In 1990, the college constructed the Magdalen Chapel, and in 1993, the Kerr Fitness and Sports Center opened.

    La Roche University

    Monsignor William A. Kerr, La Roche’s sixth president, was appointed in 1992 and focused his presidency on increasing the college’s profile while expanding academic, cultural, and athletic programmes. Sister Candace Introcaso, C.D.P. was elected as the college’s seventh president by the La Roche College Board of Trustees in 2004.

    La Roche University Scholarship Summary

    • Level of Study: Undergraduate
    • Institution(s): La Roche University
    • Study in: USA
    • Deadline: April 15, 2022.
    La Roche University

    La Roche University Scholarship Coverage

    La Roche University Scholarship provides the recipient with:

    • The La Roche scholarship is $17,000 per year and can be renewed on an annual basis for up to 4 years (annual year includes Fall and Spring semesters only).
    • You must be enrolled and successfully complete a minimum of 12 credits (exception may be granted) for Fall and Spring semesters.

    Eligibility Criteria for La Roche University Scholarship

    To qualify for La Roche University Scholarship , candidate must fulfill all of the following requirements below:

    • Required Language: English 
    • Eligible Countries: All World Countries
    • You are a Fall 2022 first-year international applicant to a participating college or university. An international applicant is an individual who holds citizenship in a country outside the United States and who does not also possess U.S. citizenship or permanent residency.
    • You demonstrate interest and initiative in activities involving intercultural learning and exchange.
    • You have completed the scholarship application and a 500-1,000-word essay or a two- to five-minute video describing your leadership skills in your school or community, and how you plan to continue applying your leadership skills at La Roche University.

    How to Apply for La Roche University Scholarship ?

    Please follow the following instructions to apply for La Roche University Scholarship :

    • Apply for admission to La Roche University and submit all required application materials.
    • Complete a scholarship application, including a 500-1,000-word essay or a two- to five-minute video answering the following prompt, “Tell us about your leadership skills in your school or community, and how you plan to continue applying your leadership skills at La Roche University.”
    • Deadline for all required information is April 15, 2022.

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