Latest Yangzhou University Scholarships, China, 2022-23

Pursue advantage of the opportunity to further your education in China. There’s good news! University of Yangzhou University Scholarships are presently accepting applications. We will go through the details of this scholarship programme, its benefits, and the application process step by step in this article.

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International students can apply for Yangzhou University Scholarships 2022-2023, which are fully funded. Undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral students can apply for these scholarships. These scholarships will cover tuition, housing, and a stipend of up to 2500RMB.

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    The Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government and China’s Ministry of Education jointly finance Yangzhou University (YZU). It is Jiangsu Province’s most important comprehensive university and one of the first to give both master’s and doctoral degrees. The ancestors of YZU, Tongzhou Private Teachers’ School and Tonghai Agricultural School, were established in 1902.

    YZU’s education features a rich legacy in humanities, advantages in agricultural sciences, integration of sciences and humanities, and a harmonic development of each major discipline, all based on the motto of being perseverant and self-reliant. On YZU campuses, there are currently approximately 25,000 full-time undergraduate students and over 11,000 postgraduate students, with over 2,000 international students.

    Scholarship Summary

    • Level of Study: Undergraduate, Masters, PhD
    • Institution(s): Yangzhou University
    • Study in: China
    • Opportunity Focus Areas: For undergraduate programs click here. For masters programs click here. For PhD programs click here.
    • Program Period: Depends on the chosen program.
    • Deadline: May 30, 2022

    Scholarship Coverage

    Yangzhou University Scholarships will provide the recipient with the following benefits:


    • Tuition and accommodation fee waiver. All applicants shall pay for other fees.


    • Tuition and accommodation fee waiver. 1500RMB living allowance each year (10 months).


    • Tuition and accommodation fee waiver. 2500RMB living allowance each year (10 months).


    • Funding Duration shall not surpass standard academic study period. International students must attend the annual review organized by YZU. For those who fail the review, the scholarship will be suspended or even canceled.
    • For undergraduate students, YZU mainly checks attendance and academic performance and puts forward comprehensive reviews based on college comments, rewards and punishment.Attendance ≥ 95%, average scores ≥ 70, tuition and accommodation fees are waived for the next academic year; Attendance ≥ 95%, average scores ≥ 60, tuition is waived for the next academic year; Attendance < 95% or average scores < 60, scholarship will be suspended.
    • For graduate students, YZU mainly checks academic performance and supervisors’ comments and puts forward comprehensive reviews based on scientific achievements, rewards and punishment. For those who fail the review, scholarship will be suspended.
    • Students who face scholarship suspension will be deprived of scholarship but can continue studies at their own expense. They can apply for the annual review in the current academic year. If they pass the review, their scholarship will be resumed from the next academic year.
    • YZU reserves the right to conduct an internal evaluation of all scholarship students before the end of the first semester. If students are deemed to have failed in the evaluation, they will be immediately suspended from the scholarship program.
    • Students’ scholarship will be cancelled and no longer be resumed if any of the followings occurs: violating the Chinese laws and regulations, attending illegal organizations or activities, facing punishment, other illegal behaviors (scholarship will be cancelled immediately); failing to take part in the annual scholarship review without justifiable reasons or failing the review for two times in total (scholarship will be cancelled from the next semester).

    Eligibility Criteria for Yangzhou University Scholarships

    To qualify for Yangzhou University Scholarships, candidate must fulfill all of the following requirements below:

    • Required Language: English.
    • Eligible Countries: All world countries except China.
    • International students who have already applied for YZU as Bachelor, Masters or PhD students.
    • For undergraduate, at least 18 years old, under the age of 25 (by May 30th, 2021). For masters, at least 18 years old, under the age of 35 (by May 30th, 2021). For PhD, at least 18 years old, under the age of 45 (by May 30th, 2021).
    • No other scholarship of its kind in China

    How to Apply for Yangzhou University Scholarships?

    Please follow the following application instructions to apply for Yangzhou University Scholarships:

    (1) Sign up here.

    (2) Choose Yangzhou University International Students Scholarship and your major then fill in your information.

    (3) Upload the following required documents and submit the application:

    • The Photocopy of Passport (Pages with photo and visa).
    • The Certified Copy of High School Diploma.
    • The Certified Copy of High School Transcripts.
    • The Reference Letter from High School.
    • The Valid Report of Chinese or English Language Proficiency Tests.
    • Physical Examination Record for Foreigner.
    • The Certificate of Non-criminal Record.
    • The Letter of Guardian’s Authorization (For young applicants who are less than 18 years old).
    • Insurance Application Form.
    • Guarantee Statement.
    • The valid ID card or passport photo page of the Guarantor.


    • Scholarship students, who cannot register on time due to personal reasons, can apply for extension for at most one month. Those who fail to register on time will be considered giving up scholarship.
    • Scholarship can be reserved for one year for scholarship students who face schooling suspension due to sickness. Living allowance will not be provided during schooling suspension. Scholarship cannot be reserved during schooling suspension due to other reasons.

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