UNESCO Scholarship Prize 2023 2024 Bahrain

The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has decided to award the UNESCO King Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa Prize for 2023–2024 to recognize projects and activities that improve learning, teaching, and overall educational performance for individuals and institutions.

This award is given to any two people, groups, or organizations that use ICT for educational purposes (whether formal or informal, governmental or non-governmental). The Executive Board established the award in 2005, and the Kingdom of Bahrain has been very generous in helping to fund it.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is a branch of the United Nations with the specific mission of fostering international collaboration in the fields of education, the arts, sciences, and culture in order to strengthen peace and security around the world.

To promote peace and harmony among people and understanding for the planet’s natural resources, UNESCO uses the tools of education, science, culture, communication, and information. The group is making a difference and bolstering resilience in local communities all across the world by working to foster intellectual and moral solidarity among humans.

UNESCO Scholarship Prize Bahrain
UNESCO Scholarship Prize Bahrain

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  • Organization: United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
  • Department: N/A
  • Course Level: Postgraduate
  • Award: $25,000
  • Number of Awards: 2
  • Access Mode: Online
  • Nationality: International
  • The award can be taken in Bahrain
  • Deadline: 23rd January, 2023. 

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Eligibility requirements for a UNESCO Scholarship are as follows:

  • Candidates from all over the world can apply.
  • Candidates must be working on projects and activities for creative use of technologies in education, teaching, and learning.
  • To be eligible, the applicants must meet all the following/given criteria:
  • The applicants can be individuals, institutions, non-governmental organizations or other entities. 
  • The applicants must have projects ongoing for at least for one year. 
  • The applicants organization and project must not be affiliated or receive any funding from UNESCO. 
  • The entries should be already implemented projects and activities or individuals/ institutions/ organizations. 

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How to Apply?

To apply for a UNESCO scholarship Kindly follow the simple and easy application procedure:

  • Interested individuals or organizations can submit their applications by logging in here. All applications will be reviewed and considered.
  • The applicants are required to prepare proposal for their projects or activities. 
  • The applicants must be individuals or organisation already implementing their projects and carrying out their activities.

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The UNESCO Scholarship provides the following benefits:

  • The successful winners selected by UNESCO will be presented with prize money worth US$25,000. 


What is the UNESCO’s main goal?

The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization works to promote peace and prosperity around the world by utilizing the power of education, science, culture, communication, and information to eradicate poverty, promote global sustainability, and foster understanding between people of different backgrounds and beliefs.

How many countries are members in UNESCO?

There are 193 full members and 11 associate members in the organization. Articles II and XV of the Constitution and Rules of Procedure 98 through 101 of the General Conference outline the rules for membership.

How is UNESCO able to function?

The organization activities are funded by member states’ assessed contributions to the regular budget, voluntary contributions to special programs, and funding from partners such as other U.N. agencies.

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