UNICEF Paid Internship Program 2023

The UNICEF Paid Internship Program 2023 is now accepting applications, and you are encouraged to submit one. The Paid internship programme is open to applications from international students located in every country in the world.

An internship with UNICEF provides recent graduates and students with the chance to begin their careers. Interns who take advantage of this opportunity will have the chance to work for some of the most prestigious companies in the world. Students and recent graduates have the chance to contribute to the work of UNICEF by participating in this paid internship programme offered by the organisation.

UNICEF Internship
UNICEF Paid Internship

In addition, the purpose of this organisation is to effect positive change in the lives of children and young people all around the world. The UNICEF Paid internship programme is the finest way to make money since it provides the best salary and focuses on the behaviors of the people who participate in the programme.

Latest Scholarships:

    The pupils do their job in accordance with this organization’s fundamental principles. In addition, its guiding principles include concern, respect, honesty, reliability, and responsibility. In addition to this, UNICEF is currently active in 190 countries and provides its internees with the chance to prepare for the issues that they will face in the real world and outside.

    internship at unicef
    Paid internship at unicef

    The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is the largest and most influential social welfare organisation in every country on the planet. Its primary commitment is to the health of children and mothers, as well as to education and emergency assistance, and it provides a variety of additional amenities. The Paid internship programme offered by UNICEF is the ideal chance available to young graduates who have recently finished their degrees at any level, whether they are grads, Masters, or even PhD candidates.

    Interns at UNICEF are given the opportunity to get valuable job experience while also receiving significant compensation for their efforts. It provides its interns with opportunity to improve both their personal lives and their professional careers, in addition to providing them with enticing pay and perks.

    More than that, UNICEF gives its interns a first step toward jobs and takes into consideration at the highest level work experiences in everywhere in their practical life. However, UNICEF by itself does not guarantee that interns will be offered permanent employment within the organisation after their Paid internship is complete.

    UNICEF Internships
    UNICEF Paid Internships

    UNICEF Paid Internship Program Description:

    • Institute: UNICEF (Internship)
    • Internship coverage: Fully Funded
    • Eligible nationality: All International
    • Award country: Different Countries
    • Last Date: Throughout the Year.
    • Duration: 06 to 26 Weeks

    Financial Benefits:

    UNICEF Paid Internship Program is a Full Free Internship for all international students. The UNICEF will cover the following expenses:

    • The host institution or UNICEF itself will pay internship stipend.
    • The other expenses like visa, cost, travel will also be paid for the one time depending on the funding.
    • The working techniques of UNICEF will give the world top class exposure to its internees.

    Eligibility Criteria:

    Applicants need to meet the following criteria to apply for the scholarship:

    • The candidate must be enrolled in any degree like graduate, masters or PhD.
    • The degree should be fresh and recent. Like if a candidate is graduate the degree must not be old more than 2 years.
    • The candidate must have command in one of the working language of UNICEF which are English, Spanish and French.
    • The candidate must also be fluent in the working language of the office work in which they planned their work.
    • The candidate should have a good and impressive record in academics.
    • The age of candidate should be at least 18 years.
    • The candidate should not have direct linkage towards UNICEF employees or reporting authority.
    • If the candidate already have related work experience he/she will be receive a benefit on this basis.

    Documents Required:

    • Profile which will be online recruit.
    • Curriculum vitae.
    • Cover letter or some sort of personal statement.

    Application Deadline:

    There is not any specific date to apply for UNICEF Paid Internship Program its vacancies comes from time to time throughout the whole year.

    How to Apply for UNICEF Paid Internship Program?

    1. There will be online apply for UNICEF Paid Internship Program.
    2. If candidate want to apply first of all he should search this opportunity on job portal or on any other platform.
    3. The applicant must create a relevant application according to the vacant position like his/her skills, strengths and suitability.
    4. All details should be real and correct which candidate will be provide specially contact details so that organization may contact to that person in case of need.