STAR Service, Human Service Internship,USA-2022

There’s good news! The Human Services Internship at STAR Services is now accepting applications. We will go through the details of this internship programme, its perks, and the application process step by step in this article.

STAR Service, Human Service Internship

International students are welcome to apply for the STAR Services Human Services Internship 2022. The internship will last for 12 weeks. STAR Services Human Services Internship pays $15.50 per hour and includes a certificate.

This internship is designed to help you learn, grow, create, lead, and innovate while making a difference in the lives of others. Every day as a STAR intern, you will be doing intriguing, rewarding, and difficult work. This internship will provide you the chance to learn about a variety of positions in the area, including how to support individuals with disabilities in their homes and workplaces, how to be a change maker and work legislation, and the latest opportunities in Person-Centered Thinking.

Bi-weekly learning sessions will give you with in-depth knowledge and insight into current thinking and practises. Interns will do weekly training classes to supplement the bi-weekly learning sessions and will meet with a professional mentor on a weekly basis.

STAR Service, Human Service Internship

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This internship Summer 2022 internship programme will assist in unveiling your potential as the next leader in the Human Services profession through challenge and reward, enthusiasm and excellence.

More About Internship

An internship is a limited-time period of work experience provided by an organisation. Internships, which were once limited to medical graduates, are now used as practise for a wide range of placements in businesses, non-profit organisations, and government agencies. They are typically undertaken by students and recent graduates seeking to gain relevant skills and experience in a specific field.

Employers benefit from these placements because they frequently hire from their best interns, who have proven abilities, saving time and money in the long run. Third-party organisations that recruit interns on behalf of industry groups typically arrange internships. When interns are considered employees, the rules differ from country to country. Unscrupulous employers may be able to take advantage of the system.

How to Get an Internship as an International Student

Professional internships are similar in some ways. Apprenticeships, like internships, help students transition from vocational school to the workforce. Due to a lack of standardisation and oversight, the term “internship” is open to wide interpretation. Interns can be high school students, college and university students, or adults with a post-graduate degree. These are temporary positions that may be paid or unpaid. Many large corporations, particularly investment banks, have “insights” programmes that last from a day to a week and can be attended in person or virtually.

An internship is typically comprised of an exchange of services for experience between the intern and the organisation. Internships are used to determine whether the intern remains interested in that field after gaining real-world experience. Furthermore, an internship can be used to establish a professional network, which can help with letters of recommendation or lead to future employment opportunities. The advantage of hiring an intern full-time is that they are already familiar with the company and thus require little to no training. Internships allow current college students to participate in a field of their choice to gain hands-on experience in a specific future career, preparing them for full-time work after graduation.

Internship Summary

  • Institution: STAR Services ( Internship )
  • Locations: USA
  • Internship Focused Areas: Education, Healthcare Management, Human Services, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Pre-Med, Psychology, Public Health, Social Work, or Sociology. Exceptions with approval.
  • Internship Period: Approximately 12 weeks. Minimum of 30 hours per week.
  • Deadline: May 21, 2022

Internship Benefits

STAR Services Human Services Internship will provide $15.50/hr and certificate.

Eligibility Criteria for Internship

Applicants must fulfill the following criteria for STAR Services Human Services Internship:

  • Required Languages: English
  • Eligible Countries: All world countries
  • Must possess a valid driver’s license and a reliable vehicle
  • Must be able to pass a DHS background study

How to Apply for STAR Services Human Services Internship?

Please follow the following application instructions to win STAR Services Human Services Internship:

  1. Click here to start the application process
  2. Application requires you answering some questions and attaching your CV and cover letter.

Apply Now

To know more about STAR Services Human Services Internship, please visit Official Website.

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