NATO Defense College Research Fellowships 2023 Italy

In Italy, you can further your education. There’s good news! The NATO Defense College Research Fellowships are now accepting applications. We will go through the details of the NATO Defense College scholarship program, its perks, and the application process step by step in this article.

The NATO Defense College Research Fellowships 2023 are a research scholarship for overseas students that is fully funded. The NATO Defense College Research Fellowships will grant a stipend to cover his or her stay in Rome as well as his or her travel expenses.

International students open to doing research courses in Italy might apply for a NATO Defense College Research Fellowship.

The NATO Defense College now offers eight fellowships per year in the field of defense and security policy studies, which are related to NATO and its partners.

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The goal is to encourage research and policy analysis in areas that are important to NATO members and those who take part in the Partnership for Peace (PfP), Mediterranean Dialog (MD), and Other Military Cooperation (OMC)/Partnerships around the world (PAG). Since the program’s inception in 1993, the College has awarded a total of 109 scholarships up to and including 2017.

The NATO Defense College’s mission is to undertake academic research and studies in order to study the Alliance’s larger goals.

The overall goal is to foster research and policy analysis in areas of particular interest to NATO members as well as nations participating in the Partnership for Peace (PfP), Mediterranean Dialogue (MD), Other Military Cooperation (OMC), and Partners Across the Globe (PAG) frameworks.

NATO Defense College NDC
NATO Defense College NDC

The Resident Fellowship Program has the following specific objectives:

  1. To contribute to the Research Directorate’s calendar of activities by working on topics of interest to the Alliance;
  2. To contribute to research on NATO’s agenda in NATO member and partner countries;
  3. To provide Fellows and Scholars with an opportunity to learn from the NATO community, and acquire a thorough understanding of the College and of working in an international environment;
  4. To expand understanding of NATO and the work of the NDC in NATO partner and member countries;
  5. To provide lectures to the Senior Course (SC) and the NATO Regional Cooperation Course (NRCC) on a case-by-case basis;
  6. To contribute to NDC educational activities;
  7. To help foster the development of Scholars on NATO-related issues.

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NATO Defense College
NATO Defense College


NATO Defense College Research Fellowships provide the recipients with below benefits:

  • Each Fellow will receive a stipend to cover the costs of his/her stay in Rome and his/her travel expenses.

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To be eligible for NATO Defense College Research Fellowships, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Required Languages:
    • A very good level of English language proficiency is required.
    • Knowledge of French and/or Italian would also be of benefit but is not essential.
  • Countries: NATO Member States, as well as to countries that are part of the Partnership for Peace (PfP), Mediterranean Dialogue (MD), and Other Military Cooperation (OMC) / Partners Across the Globe (PAG) frameworks.
  • Candidates must have a good working knowledge of English or French and be computer literate.
  • English Language Requirements: A very good level of English language proficiency is required. Knowledge of French and/or Italian would also be of benefit but is not essential

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How to Apply?

Please follow the steps below to apply for NATO Defense College Research Fellowships:

  1. Fill out the online application.
  2. Applications should be submitted directly to Mr Eugenio Mengarini:

NATO Defense College FAQs

Where exactly is the NATO Defense College located?

NATO Defense College (NDC) is the NATO military college. It is located in Rome, Italy.

How to enter NATO Defense College?

NATO only accepts applications from its 30 member states. The NDC Foundation promotes stability and well-being in North Atlantic and NATO member nations.

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