MOFA Taiwan Fellowship 2024 (Fully Funded)

Great news! The MOFA Taiwan Fellowship is now accepting applications, offering a remarkable opportunity for international students and researchers. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive overview of this prestigious fellowship program, outlining its unique benefits and guiding you through the application process step by step.

The MOFA Taiwan Fellowship 2024-2025 is a fully funded research scholarship aimed at supporting international scholars and experts. Successful applicants will receive a generous package, including up to NT$60,000 in research funding, a round-trip economy-class ticket, and comprehensive accident insurance, with an additional NT$50,000 medical insurance for accidental injuries, providing coverage of up to NT$1 million.

Established by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), the MOFA Taiwan Fellowship seeks to recognize and support foreign experts and scholars interested in conducting advanced research related to Taiwan, cross-strait relations, the Asia-Pacific region, and Sinology. Selected scholars will have the opportunity to conduct their research at prestigious universities or academic institutions in Taiwan, fostering international collaboration and academic excellence.

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Since its inception, the MOFA Taiwan Fellowship has welcomed 934 scholars from 78 countries, highlighting its global impact and reach. Moreover, in alignment with the APEC Scholarship Initiative, the fellowship offers 12 Chinese Taipei APEC Fellowship openings annually, exclusively for scholars and experts from developing APEC economies. The total number of recipients is subject to MOFA’s annual budget, underscoring its commitment to supporting international research and collaboration.

Fellowship Highlights

  • Study Level:¬†Research Fellowship¬†(PhD / Postdoctoral)
  • University Name:¬†Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Taiwan Universities
  • Study in:¬†Taiwan
  • Courses Offered:
    • Social studies
    • Humanities
    • Regional studies
    • Sinology
    • Cross-strait relations
  • Program Duration:¬†Three to twelve months. MOFA Taiwan Fellowship is open for application in May and June every year and recipients will conduct their research in Taiwan as early as January the next year.
  • Application Deadline:¬†May 1 to June 30, 2024

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Fellowship Benefits

MOFA Taiwan Fellowship provides the recipient with below benefits:

  • Monthly grants are paid at the beginning of every month.
    • Professors, associate professors, research fellows, or associate research fellows:¬†NT$60,000.
    • Assistant professors, assistant research fellows, or doctoral candidates:¬†NT$50,000.
    • One round-trip, economy-class ticket for the most direct route to Taiwan subsidized between the applicant‚Äôs country of residence and Taiwan. You can check the maximum subsidization amount through¬†this link (Check Here).
    • Accident insurance (plus a¬†NT$50,000¬†medical insurance for accidental injuries) coverage of¬†NT$1 million.

    Note: During the Fellowship period, the recipients are not allowed to receive any scholarships granted by other governmental agencies or public or private academic institutions and schools based in Taiwan. In addition, recipients cannot engage in part-time work without consent from MOFA.

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    Eligibility for MOFA Taiwan Fellowship

    To qualify for MOFA Taiwan Fellowship, candidate must fulfill all of the following requirements below:

    • Required Language is¬†English
    • All international students are eligible.
    • Recipients shall be foreign¬†professors, associate professors, assistant professors, post-doctoral researchers, doctoral candidates, or doctoral program students at related departments of overseas universities, or are research fellows at an equivalent level in academic institutions abroad.
    • The recipients should submit their research findings in writing (at least 20 pages) to MOFA within three months after the end of the project.
    • During their stay in¬†Taiwan, the recipients should attend academic seminars and relevant activities held by MOFA and commissioned organizers.

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    How to Apply for MOFA Taiwan Fellowship?

    Please follow the following instructions to apply for MOFA Taiwan Fellowship:

    1. After reading the application guidelines (Check link Here), prepare the following documents:
      • Resume¬†(including a publication list)
      • Research proposal
      • Two¬†letters of recommendation¬†and one letter of agreement from the highest administrative director of your institution.
    2. Fill the online application (Check link Here) and upload the documents above.
    3. Print the complete application and send it to the R.O.C. (Taiwan) Embassy or Representative Office (Check link Here) by post.

    Note: To delay implementation of the grant after having circumstances due to which you cannot currently travel, you can delay the implementation of the grant by applying with your local ROC (Taiwan) embassy or representative office. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will then review the proposal. If approval is granted, research must be completed within the same calendar year (before December 31).

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    Apply Now

    To know more about MOFA Taiwan Fellowship, please visit official website link given below.

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