Latest Dalda Foundation Scholarships For Pakistani Students | Fully Funded 2022-2023

The DALDA foundation has given fully funded scholarships to Pakistani students who want to go to college but can’t afford it. The DALDA Foundation Scholarship Program is a great option for students who are searching for financial aid to continue their education based on financial need.

All students in need, no matter where they live in Pakistan, will be offered fully funded scholarships. Your programmes at the FA/FSc intermediate level can continue. People who have already passed the matriculation exam can apply each year for scholarships that pay for their tuition at the intermediate, graduate, and post-graduate levels.

Dalda Foundation Scholarship
Dalda Foundation Scholarship

Due to high rates of inflation and high living costs, it is hard for many Pakistanis to go to school after matriculation. Education obtained through public channels is subpar. Getting a good education that will help you succeed in life is a goal shared by everyone. Unfortunately, though, most children can’t afford it.

Young Pakistanis have a lot of potential, but exorbitant prices prevent them from pursuing it, so many end up working instead of going to school. In Pakistan, we look for students who don’t have much and give them access to as many resources as we can.

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Don’t waste this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that the DALDA Foundation has provided; get enrolled now. All entering freshmen will get full tuition scholarships to continue their education.

The DALDA Foundation is a private, non-profit group whose goal is to help as many people in Pakistan as possible by giving them programs and scholarships. Read on for more information on how to apply for a scholarship.

Dalda Foundation Scholarships
Dalda Foundation Scholarships

Dalda Foundation Scholarship Highlights

  • Country: Pakistan
  • Organization: Dalda Foundation
  • Program Type: Need-Based Scholarship
  • Application Process: Online
  • Application Deadline: Open

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About Dalda Foundation 

DALDA Foundation started its business in 2004 by donating around 1.33 billion rupees to UNILEVER Pakistan.

The company supplies banaspati and edible cooking oils all over the country. Later, they took the initiative to help the poor people of Pakistan. To be head of this initiative, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) was established and named DALDA Foundation.The main purpose of this foundation was to support Pakistan’s state-of-the-art healthcare facilities. Soon after the foundation was created, they realized that the country’s poorest students also needed financial support. Hence, they started a learning program to help raise poor but bright students across the country.

Dalda Foundation Scholarship
Dalda Foundation Scholarship

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Who can Apply for the DALDA Foundation Scholarship

I’m listing further information about the eligible applicants who are students.

  • Pre-medical
  • Pre-engineering
  • General Science
  • Home economics
  • Arts
  • ICS
  • Diploma in associate engineering

In all the fields mentioned above, students will be granted this foundation.

Outlines of DALDA Foundation Scholarship

  1. It is for the matric-passed students who want to pursue higher education.
  2. It is a fully funded scholarship program.
  3. It provides intermediate-level degrees.
  4. DALDA Foundation provides the scholarship.
  5. Pakistan hosts it.

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Criteria For DALDA Foundation Scholarship

To apply for this scholarship you need to fulfill the following criteria:

  • Students who are currently studying in public institutions can apply for this program.
  • Students who receive fee waivers at private colleges may apply for this scholarship.
  • Students in 1st year are eligible for this scholarship.
  • Students must be permanent residents of Pakistan.
  • The student’s age must be below 17 or equal to 17 years.
  • The salary of the student’s parents must be around 20,000 per month.
  • The student must have passed the matric exam in 2022.
  • The size of the student’s house must not exceed 1080 meters.
  • O-level students are also eligible for this program.

Required Documents For DALDA Foundation Scholarship:

The applicant is required to submit the following documents before or during interviews;

  • Result card of matriculation
  • CNIC or student birth certificate
  • Guardian’s payment receipt
  • Address of the applicant 

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Scholarship Process of Selection:

  1. The assessment will be done based on the grant.
  2. Students will be notified of the date of the evaluation.
  3. Parents will also be interviewed.
  4. The scholarship will be canceled if the candidate fails the exam.
  5. The foundation reserves the right to withdraw/cancel, increase/decrease the granted bursary.

How to Apply for DALDA Foundation Scholarship

  • Download the application form from the website.
  • You can get the application form by sending an email to the below-mentioned email id.


Contact Us:

Dalda Foundation Trust, Plot # 66C/1, 13th Commercial Lane.
Phase 2 Extension, D.H.A
Karachi, Pakistan

Email us at

or Call us on 0313-8894447

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