University of Johannesburg Margaret McNamara Scholarships 2023 South Africa

For the 2023–2024 school year, the University of Johannesburg is pleased to extend an invitation to students interested in applying for the Margaret McNamara Education Grants.

Full-time or part-time enrollment status is irrelevant; the grant is available to all students. In order to further their education at the University of Johannesburg, female students from select nations throughout the world are encouraged to apply for this program. Students who are awarded grants can expect to have their full tuition and fees covered by the grant money.

Located in Johannesburg, the University of Johannesburg is a public institution in South Africa. On Jan 1, 2005, it opened for business. Currently, this institution ranks as Africa’s number two best university. As a research institution, it ranks among the best in the world.

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The University of Johannesburg is a comprehensive institution that instructs students throughout their academic careers on the intellectual, ethical, and spiritual dimensions of today’s professional, social, and family worlds. In order to promote the institution’s overarching mission, which is to support the human quest for meaning and satisfaction, students of all religions are encouraged to apply to the University of Johannesburg.

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Scholarship Highlights

  • University Name: University of Johannesburg
  • Study Level: Bachelors, Masters, or Doctoral degree
  • Award: The grant award will cover educational costs
  • Access Mode: Online
  • Number of Awards: Varies
  • Nationality: Women from eligible developing countries (as listed on the MMEG Country Eligibility List).
  • The award can be taken in South Africa.
  • Deadline: September 14, 2023.
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university of johannesburg

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To qualify for the University of Johannesburg Margaret McNamara Scholarships, candidates must fulfill all of the following requirements:

  • Developing countries (as listed on the MMEG Country Eligibility List)
  • The scholarship will be awarded in any subject offered by the University of Johannesburg.
  • To be eligible, the applicants must meet all the following admissible criteria:
    • Self-identify as a woman and be at least 25 years old at the time of the application deadline.
    • Be a national of a country on the MMEG Country Eligibility List (except for the Trinity Washington University program).
    • Be registered (not just accepted) at an accredited academic institution when submitting their application and plan to be enrolled for a full academic term after award of the MMEG grant.
    • Not be related to a World Bank Group, International Monetary Fund, or Inter-American Development Bank staff member, spouse, retiree, or MMEG Board member.
    • Already be enrolled part-time (minimum of 2 courses per semester or term) or full-time at one of the universities listed on the MMEG website.
    • Be enrolled for at least one more academic term (the term between January and July 2023).
    • Hold a study permit for South Africa if applying from an eligible country other than South Africa.

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How to Apply?

Please follow the following application instructions to apply for the University of Johannesburg Margaret McNamara Scholarship:

  • Applicants should visit the MMEG website and submit an online application between May 15 and September 14, including supporting documents and two reference letters.
  • Applicants must provide the following supporting documents:
    • Identification (ID) card with photo.
    • Most recent proof of official registration from the university (not an acceptance letter).
    • Most recent official university transcripts and/or reports.
    • Visa page or study permit page within current passport (if studying outside home country).
    • Second passport page with a clear photo (in case of dual citizenship).
    • Brief paragraphs describing the personal story, and how studies, experiences, and future plans are linked to a commitment to women and children in developing countries.
    • An estimate of financial situation, including living expenses, for the coming academic year, and planned strategies to cover funding needs.
    • A summary of the thesis (if applicable), including its objective, methodology, and findings, and relationship to career goals.
  • The applicants must meet the university’s academic and entry requirements.
  • The students must submit scores of the following English language proficiency tests:
    • IELTS – 6 (undergraduate)
    • TOEFL – 80-104 (undergraduate)
    • IELTS – 7 (postgraduate)
    • TOEFL – 105-120 (postgraduate)

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The University of Johannesburg Margaret McNamara Scholarships will provide the recipient with the following benefits:

  • The University of Johannesburg Margaret McNamara Scholarship will cover educational costs for exceptional female students from eligible developing countries who are pursuing a degree at the University of Johannesburg.

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