Global Korea Scholarship 2025 (Fully Funded) Korean Government

A fantastic option for those wishing to begin their academic journey in South Korea is the Global Korea Scholarship. We will go into great detail regarding this scholarship in this post, along with its advantages and a step-by-step guide for applying.

The Korean Government Scholarship, commonly known as the Global Korea Scholarship 2025–2026, is a fully funded international student scholarship. This scholarship offers full free tuition support, a monthly living stipend, on-campus accommodation, medical coverage, and relocation assistance for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral studies.

By giving overseas students the chance to attend Korean higher education institutions, this fellowship seeks to enhance international friendship and educational exchange.

There are no restrictions on fields, giving every applicant a wide range of professional alternatives. There are two options for applying for this scholarship: sending your documents directly to the Korean university in your home country, or to the Korean Embassy in your home country.

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Universities in South Korea are recognized and highly esteemed worldwide for providing top-notch education. Numerous esteemed establishments exist, with the majority situated in Seoul. Companies worldwide are interested in Korean universities. As a result, you can look for work in a variety of areas after completing your studies.

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Scholarship Highlights

Application RoundsEmbassy Track DeadlineUniversity Track Deadline
Recruitment notice and application submissionSeptember of the previous year every yearFebruary every year
1st round of selection (overseas embassies, universities)Every year from October to November of the previous yearevery March
Second selection (NIIED)Every November of the previous yearevery April
3rd round of selection (university)
※ Applicable only to embassy selection applicants
December of the previous year every yearEvery May
Announcement of final successful applicants (NIIED)every JanuaryEvery June
Scholarship student entryFebruary every yearEvery year at the end of August

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  • COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION is restricted to students who are currently majoring in business or economics at their home university.
  • Applicants who apply for the KOREAN HISTORY/ PSYCHOLOGY/ STATISTICS MAJOR must provide proof of Korean language ability. A satisfactory level of Korean language ability should be either (1) Level 5 or above of official Korean Language Proficiency Test or (2) Level 5 or above of the Korean Test conducted at the SNU Language Institute.
  •  COLLEGE OF LAW is NOT open to undergraduate level students from Spring 2018.
  • School of Law, a specialized law school for graduate-level students, will be open to undergraduate level students from Fall 2018. Please note that these undergraduate students will be enrolled as graduate (Master’s) students in SNU law school during their study.

Applicants who want to study in the discipline of Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Nursing, Music, and MBA must, in advance, be advised of the eligibility by SNU coordinators.

  • COLLEGE OF MEDICINE is no longer available to exchange students.
  • COLLEGE OF DENTISTRY is open ONLY to masters level students currently enrolled in a master program at School of Dentistry or equivalent at their home university. The student exchange program is NOT available at the undergraduate level for the College of Dentistry.
  • VOCAL MUSIC MAJOR is restricted to students who are currently studying vocal music at their home university.

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Scholarship Benefits

Global Korea Scholarship provides the recipient with the following benefits:

  • Airfare (Return Air Ticket)
  • Settlement Allowance: 200,000 KRW (offered once after entry to Korea)
  • Monthly Allowance: (Degree Program) 900,000 KRW per month, (Research Program) 1,500,000 KRW per month
  • Research Allowance
    • Liberal Arts and Social Science majors: 210,000 KRW per semester
    • Natural Science and Engineering majors: 240,000 KRW per semester
  • 1-Year Korean Language Training Fee: Fully covered
  • Degree Program Tuition: Fully covered
  • Paper printing fee: 500,000 ~ 800,000 KRW
  • Medical Insurance will be covered.
  • Korean Proficiency Grants: 100,000 KRW per month

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Eligibility for Global Korea Scholarship

To qualify for this scholarship, candidate must fulfill all of the following requirements below:

  • Required Languages is English / Korean
  • All international students are eligible, except Korean nationals.

1- Undergraduate Course:

  • Those who are under 25 years of age as of March 1st of the selection year
  • Those who have (expected to) complete all elementary, middle, and high school curriculum as of March 1st of the selection year

2- Graduate Course:

  • Those who are under 40 years of age as of September 1st of the selection year
  • Those who have earned a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree as of February 28th of the selection year
  • Those who are current professors from ODA recipient countries among the invited countries and are under 45 years of age as of September 1st of the selection year

3- Other Requirements:

  • Those who are healthy both mentally and physically to be able to study abroad in Korea for a long period of time
  • Those who have a grade point average (GPA) of 80% or higher for all grades in the last school attended
  • Those who are currently enrolled in or have graduated from a university or graduate school in Korea are not eligible to apply.

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How to Apply for Global Korea Scholarship?

Please follow the following steps to avail this scholarship:

  • While applying to the Korean embassy, a candidate needs to dispatch original or attested documents to the embassy.
  • On the other hand, applying directly to the university requires a candidate to submit all documents to the domestic university.
  • An applicant applying via the embassy can apply to 3 universities whereas an applicant applying directly to the university can apply only to 1 university.
  • Students passing round two of the Embassy track process should not consider it the final selection.

Documents Required:

  • Recommendation letters
  • Attested transcripts
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Awards
  • Published books
  • Certificate of Proficiency
  • Medical Assessment form

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