TU Delft Excellence Scholarships 2024 Netherlands | Fully Funded

TU Delft Excellence Scholarships 2024: Now, it’s not just a daydream to be able to attend a university abroad and get all of your classes for free. This is proven by the fact that the TU Delft Excellence Scholarships are offered in the Netherlands. Students who are very bright and have a strong track record of academic achievement should not pass up the chance to study abroad with fully funded scholarship.

Enrolling oneself in an institution of international renown to earn a master’s or doctoral degree can serve as a stepping stone for further forward-thinking advances for people who have their sights set on reaching the pinnacle of glory. Highly qualified students have the opportunity to receive several perks throughout their time in the master’s program thanks to the TU Delft Excellence Scholarships. By bringing together people who come from a variety of different backgrounds and have had a wide range of experiences, the Justus and Louise van Effen Excellence Scholarships hope to promote diversity and inclusion. In addition, students who choose to enroll at TU Delft have access to the very best educational and research facilities in the world.

The goal of the TU Delft Excellence Scholarships 2024 is to inspire students to pursue their education at a top-notch institution where there is a vast array of knowledge. Students are drawn to TU Delft because of their interest in science, technology, and design. Through a method that emphasizes collaboration, the institute encourages multi-disciplinary teamwork among its staff members who work in diverse departments.

In order to accomplish its primary goal, it works in conjunction with a number of colleges and organizations. It does not matter if a person has a disability, is of a different race or gender, or is subject to any other form of discrimination; for the staff and the students, it is more than a home. The environment that its employees work in at TU Delft is one that is both secure and welcoming. It is attempting to bring about innovation and creativity by fostering diversity and inclusion among its members.

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Under the guidance of some of the best and most highly regarded faculty members in the country, the TU Delft Excellence Scholarships in the Netherlands are intended to help students advance their academic and professional careers. The students are taught the basic abilities that are required for survival in a competitive environment in order to make their positioning worthwhile in a worldwide community. In addition, it makes it easier for aspirants to conduct an analysis of broad worldwide concerns and come up with an excellent solution that can assist in overcoming the difficulties.

The TU Delft Excellence Scholarships in Europe are motivated by a desire to bring about positive development on a global scale by providing access to the highest quality education and research facilities. At TU Delft, one simply cannot overlook the role that advances in technology play in producing ever-improving results.

The interactive map of the campus provides a glimpse of the many buildings, restaurants, and activity sites. The campus is widely regarded as one of the most important research and development locations in Europe, thanks to its thriving technological ecology. On the basis of a principle of sustainable development, the campus has instituted a smoking ban, and students are encouraged to work toward the aim of making the next generation in the Netherlands free of the habit of smoking.

The campus may be reached quickly and without difficulty via a variety of transportation options, including bicycling, walking, and taking public transportation. In addition, with the goal of transforming TU Delft into a talent hub, the campus provides a variety of degree programs in a wide variety of high-quality academic fields and courses.

TU Delft Excellence Scholarships Highlights

  • Level of Study: Masters
  • University Name: Delft University of Technology
  • Study in: Netherlands
  • Opportunity Focus Areas: Click here to find all the available programs.
  • Program Period: Two years
  • Award: Fully Funded Scholarship
  • Number of Scholarships: 2 per faculty
  • Deadline: December 2023

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TU Delft Excellence Scholarships Benefits

TU Delft Excellence Scholarships provide the recipient with the following benefits:

  • Around €30.000 per year for Non-EU/EFTA students
  • Around €11.500 per year for EU/EFTA students

This includes:

  • Full tuition fees per year for a TU Delft MSc program are based on the statutory fee or institutional rate, according to the registered nationality, and a contribution for living expenses.
  • Membership to the Scholarship club gives access to personal development, workshops, seminars, etc.

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Eligibility for TU Delft Excellence Scholarships

To be eligible for TU Delft Excellence Scholarships, candidates must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Required Language is English
  • All world countries are eligible
  • Excellent international applicants (conditionally) admitted to one of the 2-year Regular TU Delft MSc programs.
  • With a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 80 percent or higher of the scale maximum in the bachelor’s degree from an internationally renowned university outside the Netherlands

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How to Apply for TU Delft Excellence Scholarships?

Please follow the following application instructions to apply for TU Delft Excellence Scholarships:

(1) Complete your MSc application (check the admission requirements)

(2) In addition to all the regular documents for a MSc program application:

  • Upload the Scholarship Application Form.
  • Upload two reference letters (in one PDF document), according to required documents Two reference letters in either English, French, German, or Dutch These letters must be:
    • from either a previous professor or assistant professor. If you have work experience, one of these letters may be from your employer.
    • written on the official letterhead or have the official stamp of the university or company.
    • signed by the referee and include your complete name Your referee is hesitant to provide you with the letter. Then he or she can email a scanned PDF of the letter to contact-centre-esa@tudelft.nl. His or her e-mail must include your complete name and TU Delft student number. You will be given this number upon registering at Studielink. If you choose this option, you must upload a statement under “reference letter” on osiaan.tudelft.nl informing us of this decision. This statement should include the name and e-mail address of your referee. Please note that non-EU/EFTA students must include their English test with their application (if required). EU/EFTA students can submit this document at a later stage, according to the admission instructions.
  • Upload the English test: Please note that Non-EU/EFTA students must include their English test with their application (if required). EU/EFTA students can submit this document in a later stage according to the Admission instructions.

Delft University of Technology Contact Informations:

Postbus 5
2600 AA Delft
The Netherlands
Contact and accessibility

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