Why Study Abroad? Best Reasons & Guidelines

Even though you shouldn’t need convincing to travel to a foreign country in search of a better education, we’ve compiled a list of 25 good reasons to do so.

For those of you who have already studied abroad, please share your thoughts on the aforementioned points and whether or not you would add anything to the list in the comments section.

You should definitely include that on your CV

An employer will be interested in a candidate with international experience because it shows that they can adapt to different situations and cultures. It’s impressive if you can go to a new country and learn what you need to know to get a good job there after you graduate.

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Get your language skills up to par

Get your language skills up to par
Get your language skills up to par

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Do you recall the foreign language you studied in school? In that case, neither do I. Studying abroad can be a great way to refresh your knowledge of these subjects and you may be pleasantly surprised at how much you remember. One of the best ways to meet locals is to enroll in a language course while abroad.

Living abroad is different than visiting

You’ll get to know your study location well, learning where to get the best coffee, how to avoid tourist traps, and more.

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Diverse individuals

Exposure to diverse types of people will help you build people skills and offer you a deeper understanding of others, especially those from different cultures.

Lifelong friends

Lifelong friends
Lifelong friends

If you’re good at maintaining in touch, you’ll probably make at least one lasting buddy. International study helps students bond.

Try new cuisines

More paella/poutine/pierogi/schnitzel/shawarma/chimichanga/katsudon/bobotie/baklava.

Study and learn differently

Students abroad may encounter a fresh teaching style. This can be scary, but it will offer up new learning opportunities.

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Without home comforts, studying and living abroad needs independence. Consider this a challenge (rather than something terrifying).

Develop your independence

Develop your independence
Develop your independence

The decision to relocate abroad is a true test of independence. If you ever return home, you will be more independent and less reliant on others.

An expanded understanding of the world’s myriad civilizations is guaranteed

Studying abroad can help you become more culturally sensitive, which is not just a trait that politicians are sometimes accused of lacking.

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Perspective on one’s own culture from a different angle

It’s easy to take your own culture at face value, but experiencing another culture firsthand can broaden your perspective on your own, allowing you to build your own opinions rather than being limited to those that your origins dictated to you.

Discover who you are

If you want to learn your strengths and weaknesses, you need immerse yourself in a new setting. Studying abroad is a great study to build on these strengths.

Maturate into a responsible adult

Jumping into the unknown helps you make the shift from adolescence to adulthood more quickly. Your independence will need you to do things like cook and clean for yourself.

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Acquire real-world training

Gaining valuable life experience is a major advantage of studying abroad. You’ll acquire the skills to streamline your life into a carry-on, adapt to new environments, and become self-reliant.

Use your imagination and bravery

Thousands of miles from home make you more open to new experiences and adventures. Have fun by being open to new ideas and views.

It makes you value even the smallest of things more

With even fewer material things than the typical student, students studying abroad may find themselves longing for home life’s little luxuries. You will now have a deeper appreciation for your family’s food and the fact that you own more than one pair of shoes.

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Acquire a worldview

In all aspects of life, from professional to personal, you will be able to use the knowledge and perspective gained through developing a global mindset to strengthen your arguments, solidify your convictions, and study your course.

Discounts for overseas students are available

Getting a student discount is always exciting, but it’s a hundred times more so when you get to use your strange new currency in a store you’ve never been to before. (Caveat: it’s not a good idea to blow it all at once.)

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

A study abroad experience is something you will never forget, even if your friends and family at home become tired of speaking about it.

You’ll value family and home more

Parental disputes and sibling rivalry will pale in comparison to their awesomeness. They’ll forget your less appealing qualities, too. You’ll return to stronger relationships.

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Increased international student funding

Studying abroad doesn’t have to bankrupt you, since more institutions and governments offer scholarships for international students. This article lists global scholarships.

Lower tuition costs

This varies on where you study abroad, but in many countries of Europe, Asia, and Latin America, you can study at a reputable university without going into debt.

Explore in your downtime

Studying abroad should give you time to explore between lectures and labs. There’s always a better way to spend your time than scrolling through Facebook.

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Internationalize your employment search

Many international students choose to stay and apply for a working visa after their studies. Even if you return home or seek job elsewhere, employers may value your international experience.

Variety “spiced up” life

Change, diversity, and new experiences make life worth living, as your dad may say when choosing a new flavor of crisps. Study abroad!

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